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Utah Code - Confidentiality  
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Utah Code 78-31b-8    - Confidentiality


(1)      ADR proceedings shall be conducted in a manner that encourages informal and confidential exchange among the persons present to facilitate resolution of the dispute or a part of the dispute. ADR proceedings shall be closed unless the parties agree that the proceedings be open. ADR proceedings shall not be recorded.


(2)      No evidence concerning the fact, conduct, or result of an ADR proceeding may be subject to discovery or admissible at any subsequent trial of the same case or same issues between the same parties.


(3)      No party to the case may introduce as evidence information obtained during an ADR proceeding unless the information was discovered from a source independent of the ADR proceeding.


(4)      Unless all parties and the neutral agree, no person attending an ADR proceeding, including the ADR provider or ADR organization, may disclose or be required to disclose any information obtained in the course of an ADR proceeding, including any memoranda, notes, records, or work product.


(5)      Except as provided, an ADR provider or ADR organization may not disclose or discuss any information about any ADR proceeding to anyone outside the proceeding, including the judge or judges to whom the case may be assigned. An ADR provider or an ADR organization may communicate information about an ADR proceeding with the director for the purposes of training, program management, or program evaluation and when consulting with a peer. In making those communications, the ADR provider or ADR organization shall render anonymous all identifying information.


(6)      Nothing in this section limits or affects the responsibility to report child abuse or neglect in accordance with Section 62-4a-403.


(7)      No records of ADR proceedings under this act or under Title 78, Chapter 31a, Utah Arbitration Act, shall be subject to Title 63, Chapter 2, Government Records Access and Management Act, except settlement agreements filed with the court after conclusion of an ADR proceeding or awards filed with the court after the period for filing a demand for trial de novo has expired.

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